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MIT – Business Process Design for Strategic Management

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MIT Sloan School of Management

I’ve recently completed an Executive Education program via the MIT Sloan School of Management on Business Process Design for Strategic Management. This was a really interesting program that covered Dynamic Work Design, Structured Problem Solving (e.g.), Designing Work (and the workplace) for People, and Visual Management. Special thanks to my employer, Glencore Copper Assets, for putting me through this one. Read More

LSAY Infographic

25 years old: Longitudinal surveys of Australian youth

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The Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) data set is now twenty five years old. Incredible! The survey and data is administered by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) on behalf of the Federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment and includes some really interesting information. LSAY has been following Australia students’ transitions from compulsory schooling to post school education and into employment. Twenty five years of data is summarised in the infographic below.

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Gamification Course | Statement of Accomplishment

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Exciting news. Those of us who completed Professor Kevin Werbach’s Gamification course (Coursera MOOC with the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania) were awarded our Statement’s of Accomplishment today.

This was a fantastic professional development activity with Professor Werbach’s enthusiasm showing throughout the entire course. Given the opportunity I wouldn’t mind completing another of Professor Werbach’s courses in the future. Read More

#EDCMOOC Digital Artifact

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Those of us participating on the e-learning and digital cultures MOOC (#edcmooc) are submitting our peer-assessed digital artifacts next week.  I spoke about some of my ideas for this assessment item in an earlier post however I’ve reassessed what I would like to do (and, more importantly, what I can achieve in such a short amount of time).  This blog post will function as the planning and management document for my digital artifact so read on to see my work process along with my goals for the digital artifact.

This blog post will be a living document until I submit the described digital artifact for assessment so don’t be alarmed if you see changes over time. Read More

E-Learning and Digital Cultures Assessment (#edcmooc)

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37cf2-screenshotI’m starting to think about the assessment piece for the E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC I’ve been completing (Criteria at the end of the post).  I’m thinking of creating either an e-learning artefact (perhaps a HTML5 & JavaScript object with a choose-your-own-adventure type theme on Australian learning institutions) or a web-based game (where you need to undertake certain tasks/reach certain goals to ‘unlock’ new materials.  I’m not sure what path I’ll take yet but I’ve got a busy couple of weeks ahead of me so I’m starting to get some thoughts down. Read More

Meat Machines (#edcmooc)

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Participating in the facinating MOOC “E-Learning and Digital Cultures” has reminded me a lot of my liberal arts undergraduate Philosophy education (thanks Macquarie University and the University of Queensland), particularly the units I took on Philosophy and Cognitive Science and a variety of ethics units.  I was, and still am, very sympathetic to the theory of the extended mind and the works of both David Chalmers and Andy Clark.  Andy Clark’s fascinating book ‘Mindware’ (Amazon | Download Excerpts) and Chalmers’ and Clark’s incredible ‘The Extended Mind’ (Read Online) are perhaps what really piqued my interest in this area (here are my initial thoughts after reading the latter paper in 2008). Read More

E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC #edcmooc

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I’ve been taking an online course over the past couple of weeks called E-Learning and Digital Cultures by the University of Edinburgh and facilitated via Coursera.  The course is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and it’s already exposed me to some really interesting ideas.  I decided on this course as I work in Learning and Development, I’m heavily involved in e-learning and I thought it’d be a great professional development activity.  I didn’t know what to expect going in to this course as I’ve had a varied experience with MOOCs in the past.  So far, however, the course has been great. Read More

National VET E-Learning Strategy – Mobile Technology

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Many of you are familiar with Australia’s National VET E-Learning Strategy, a fantastic portal for resources, services and research on e-learning related content within the Vocational Education and Training sector in Australia.  A very interesting newish section of this website is the New Generation Technologies for Learning portal with a wealth of content including e-standards research and documentation on the VET E-Standards ratified by the e-standards expert group and endorsed by the National Senior Officials Committee. Read More

Steve Wheeler’s “Learning by Making”

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Today Steve Wheeler posted an article on his blog titled “Learning by Making” that’s a fantastic read.  It briefly explores the value of learning through self directed doing, or making in this case, as opposed to other pedagogical models focusing on passive learning and teacher directed/controlled learning activities.

If you don’t already be sure to subscribe to Steve’s twitter feed for some insightful learning and development content.

(I love Steve’s new blogger theme too)